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Frequently Asked Questions about Helmet Decals

How durable are Helmet Decals?
Very durable. The material we use for our helmet decals is a special material made to work with the contours of helmets. Our decals are printed on this special material and then laminated with an extra thick layer to help protect the print.

Is there cutting required with Helmet Decals?
Some designs we offer do require some cutting. We suggest using a sharp x-acto knife.

Do you require a deposit for custom design helmet decals?
We require $75.00 deposit to get started with the design.

How long have you been doing helmet decals?
We have been doing helmet decals for 4 years.

How difficult are helmet decals to get off?
Like all other decals, helmet decals can be difficult to get off if they have been on for a while. There really isn't an easy way to get them off. For help please check out our How to Remove Lettering section, click here.

Can you do special colors such as Fluorescent, Holographic or Reflective?
Because of the contours of a helmet most of our special colors do not conform to a helmet. The material we use is a special material which we can only print standard colors on.

Do you do all the work in-house?
Yes. From design to printing we do all of the work in-house. Having control of each phase of your helmet decals allows us to expedite your order and check the print as it comes off the printer for quality.

Will helmet decals damage my helmet?
When applied and removed correctly it will not damage your helmet.

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