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Acceptable File Types

There are many different types of files that we can use which can be broken down into two categories - Bitmap and Vector. If you don't deal with this everyday like our team it can become confusing as to which one is correct. It all depends on the type of product your after.

Preferred Formats
Bitmap Format - .tif, .psd at 100-150 dpi at 100% size
Vector Format - Vector .eps, .ai, .pdf

Recreation Fee - $44.00 per hour (if needed)
Depending on quality of the image you provide and the product desired there may be a recreation fee. This fee is a one time charge, is non refundable and does not give the customer permission for the digital file when finished. If you would like the digital file once finished we will provide it for an additional $10 per format. We charge $44.00 per hour for our time to recreate your image. You can email the image you are interested in having done as a decal or t-shirt and we will provide a free estimate as to how much the recreation fee will be, if any.

Compression (if needed)

Bitmap Files
Bitmap images are made up of pixels. These types of files are most commonly in .jpg or .gif format. There are others such as .tif, .eps, .psd and more. Bitmap images do not scale very well. For example, lets say you found an image of a dog off the internet but you want to put the image on the side of your trailer at 6 foot tall. Because this format doesn't scale very well the dog image would become very blurry and you would be unhappy with the finished product.
   We most commonly use this format for: Vehicle Wraps, Race Car Wraps, Banners and more.

Vector Files
Vector images are made up of lines. These type of files are most commonly in .eps, .ai or .pdf format. Both .eps and .pdf can be bitmap images, so there are cases where you may be using one of those extensions but it is still a bitmap image. These type of images can be scaled to any size you need, even big enough to fit on the empire states building. For the most part we use vector format as much as possible, they are very crisp and all of to change the size very easy in either direction.
   We most commonly use this format for: Decals, Graphics, Race Car Lettering, Sponsor Decals, and more.
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