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Designer Bio - Shane J. Wiggins Design Collection

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Shane J. Wiggins was born in the great State of Nebraska. He was raised in a small farming and industrial town aptly named York. Surrounded by the nurturing support of family and friends, his artistic career started at a very early age. At the age of five, he began creating hand-lettered signs for local businesses, designing window displays, illustrating political posters, entering art contests, and painting race car (& helmet) graphics. By the fifth grade, Shane's illustration ability garnered national attention. Several of his works were used within the American Cancer Society and New York Seltzer's advertising campaigns. Being from a musically-inclined family, along with the influence of his guitar playing/song writing father, his exposure to the creative world blossomed. The music world opened many creative avenues and Shane pursued them with a deeply-rooted passion. In his teenage years he began to create illustrated album covers, promotional posters, and show bills for local and national music acts.

Shane relentlessly developed his skills throughout High School and College. Art was not only his profession, it was his life. Never being afraid of going after the “big game” clients, he began to pursue high-profile businesses, celebrities, movie, and music industry artist. His big break came when a licensed merchandise firm, that specialized in the movie and music industry, offered him a creative director/art director position. The firm offered a tremendously varied, yet vast array, of original products that catered to the entertainment and design industry. He was finally in his element and he owned every ounce of it. The creative world began to open up and everything became a possibility.

His relentless pursuit to becoming a profound artist continues through today. He's been fortunate to create original and custom designs for the movie, music, television, newspaper, magazine, book, racing, clothing, and graphics industries. His love for illustration, the outdoors, his sons, and for all things creative is unsurpassed. Shane's skill and abilities continually prove to be limitless. With over twenty-six years in the art and design industry, we can see there is no way to slow this freight train down.

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