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Frequently Asked Questions about Race Car Wraps

What is included in the price?
Design Time, Online Proofs, Revisions, Printing of your wrap.

How durable are your wraps?
All of our wraps come with a laminate applied to the top of the print. This protects the print from grease, dirt, chemicals and more. One of the nice benefits of wraps is that it is one piece, so you no longer can have a small letter in a sponsor name fall off over a rivet. Customers have told us they are easier to clean because our wraps have no layers.

How long have you been doing wraps?
We have been wrapping race cars since late 2005. We have been lettering race cars since 1997.

Are we able to reorder our wrap?
Yes. Harris Decals backs up all graphic files daily. Your order will be kept on file for future reference. You can reorder part or the complete wrap.

How many colors do you get with a wrap?
Wraps come with unlimited number of standard colors. Holographic, Fluorsecent, Reflective and Ultra Metallic colors are extra and depend on how much of the color you want to use.

If I have a picture I want to put in my wrap, can I do that?
Yes, as long as the picture is owned by you or an agreement with the owner of the picture has been reached.

Do you do all the work in-house?
Yes. From design to printing we do all of the work in-house. Having control of each phase of your wrap allows us to expedite your order and check the print as it comes off the printer for quality.

What is the turnaround for a wrap?
The time of the year that you place your order has a huge impact on how quickly we can get a proof to you. Proofs can take anywhere from 1-5 days. Production time for the print is based off our standard turnaround time. If you are re-ordering parts of a wrap or an existing wrap you have ordered before we use our standard turnaround time. If you have waited til the week you start racing chances are we will not have it done in time. Wraps in general are more difficult to design. Our suggestion would be to contact us 2-3 weeks before the season starts to make sure there is enough time to make your wrap.

How difficult are wraps to install?
This is a tricky question. If you install wraps everyday like we do we would say they are easy. We have asked people who purchase our wraps this question over and over. They say the material we use is much easier to work with then the normal decals. The material we use allows air to be removed without having to poke holes to release it. By far the easiest vehicles to install wraps on are Dirt Modifieds and Dirt Late Models. Most of the bodies on these cars are flat. When you are putting wraps on American OEM production cars you run into difficult on the curved areas of the car. We do offer installation if need, for a quote email info@harrisdecals.com.

How many sponsors can I have on a wrap?
You can have unlimited number of sponsors.

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes. Discounts are available on identical sets - Quantity of 2 - 5% off, Quantity of 3 or more - 7% off

If we damage part of our race car can we just order the piece we damaged?
Yes. We can print out just sections of your race car.

What do I do if I don't see a price for my type of race car?
You can email info@harrisdecals.com to recieve a quote. We will need to know what type of car you have. You will need to provide measurements of the areas you want to cover. We price everything based on the square foot of material you need.

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