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How to Apply Floor Graphics

Below you will find instructions on how to apply vinyl floor graphics.

    Step 1: Preparing Surface
Surface temperature range for application: 55 degree F to 80 degree F

Surface must be clean and free of dirt, grease, and wax. Use soapy water and 70% alcohol to clean your surface.

Notes: Newly painted surfaces must be aged at least 36 hours. Pressure sensitive graphics will not adhere to porous surfaces such as concrete, unpainted wood, or wallboard. Surface must be smooth. Painted surfaces must be oil based paint (latex paints may cause adhesion problem).

Tools Needed:
  • Baby Shampoo/Water Mixture / 70% Alcohol
  • Clean Towel
  • Squeegee
  • X-acto Knife
  • Masking Tape

        Step 2: Tape Down
    Apply two small pieces of masking tape to the top edge of your graphic. Apply one piece of tape to the left edge and the other on the right edge. These pieces do not have to be large, it is actually easier to move your graphic around if they are smaller.
        Step 3: Measure
    Use a tape measure to make sure your graphic is straight. Pick a spot on your graphic that you think should be straight and measure a few locations along that line. If your graphic is not straight release one side of your masking tape at a time and make small movements.
        Step 4: Create Hinge
    Once you have your graphic placed in the right location, take masking tape and run it along the top edge. This will create what we call a hinge. Make sure to firmly press down your masking tape so that it will hold.
        Step 5: Remove Backing
    Flip up your graphic and remove the wax liner (backing) until your graphic is fully exposed.
        Step 6: Squeegee
    Using a squeegee firmly press down starting in the center of your graphic moving up and down. Be careful to avoid wrinkles or bubbles by squeegeeing with overlapping strokes.
        Step 7: Remove Premasking Tape
    After the graphic has been applied, remove the premask tape by peeling it back slowly at a 180 degree angle to the surface.
        Step 8: Remove Bubbles
    It is rare to apply vinyl graphics and not get any bubbles. If bubbles appear use a sharp x-acto knife to pop them and force the air out. After 3-4 weeks all small bubbles will go away.

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