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Harris Decals has been providing vehicle lettering solutions for over 27 years years. Vehicle lettering is an affordable option to display your business logo, contact information, and other important to making your vehicle stand out. We use high performance vinyl on all of the cars, trucks and vans we letter. We have a wide range of fonts, colors and stock designs available at your finger tips. We can match just about anything you might be looking for. Local install also available.

When figuring out what to include, think about what is most important in terms of advertising your business. The following should you give you a good starting point.

There really is no right or wrong location to place your lettering. However, when it comes to knowing the best places to apply your lettering avoid dips/ridges in your vehicle. These areas can make your lettering hard to read.

Business Logo
We recommend that you place your company logo centered on the driver and passengar side doors. Or if you prefer a larger logo, spanning it across the front and back doors will make for a nice look.
Phone Number
When deciding where to place contact information on your vehicle, you will want to consider applying it in a location where you can afford to make your phone number as clear and readable as possible. We recommend placing it on a flat, spacious, elongated area of the vehicle.

Phone Number
Websites can be placed in various locations on your vehicle, which all depends on preference and applicable spacing. Keep in mind, if your website is long, you may consider positioning it in an area that can support a large number of characters.


Below are some additional items you may want to consider ordering with your vehicle. Think of your vehicle as an advertising method for your business. If you have services you offer that makes you successsful including them

Driver Name


USDOT Number

Vehicle Number

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