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Layered Colors
We have been producing layered decals since we started back in 1997. Everybody is familiar with these type of decals. Our team hand lays each layer to produce a multi-color design, number, name, etc.

Layered Colors Available
Standard Colors 
Standard colors can be used on all surfaces. Used on Race Car and Spirit Decals.
Premium Colors 
Premium colors are used on items that will be exposed to mother nature for long periods of time such as Semi Trucks, Personal Vehicles, Business Vehicles, etc.
Metallic Colors 
Metallic colors have a small amount of sparkle to them, you have to look up close to see it.
Fluorescent Colors
Fluorescent colors grab the consumer's eye faster and hold it longer!
Ultra Metallic Colors
Ultra Metallic colors have a twinkling metallic flake. Ultra metallic compared to Metallic is very different. More then double the amount of flake in Ultra Metallic.
Mirror Colors 
Mirror colors are cool looking in the sunlight!
Reflective Colors
Our reflective films are unmatched for high impact, day or night.
Specialty Colors 
We offer a wide variety of unique colors to make your decals or signs standout, such as Gold Leaf, Carbon Fiber, etc.

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Need help trying to figure out what color you want?

        Printed Colors
Over the past several years there has been a large shift towards "printed" decals. This process is quite different. We use a large format printer to print directly to white vinyl creating a large range of colors. Printed colors are not shinny like holographics. They do not have a metallic flake to them such as ultra metallic colors do. The advantage to a printed decal is the use of fills and the fact that since the decal is printed you can use unlimited colors.

Printed Colors Available
Printed Colors
Printed colors can be used on all surfaces.
Printed Fills 
Add some creative colors to your graphics.

Color Search
Take the guess work out of your color selection. Search our vast array of products online with Color Search. Not sure what color combination you want to use? Select from the colors below to see designs that use the colors you are interested in.
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