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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Proofs

How do I request a proof?
Place all your items you would like to see a proof for in your shopping cart. Once you have everything in your shopping cart, go to the shopping cart page scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Request Online Proof" button. If you are ordering by phone please let your Sales Associate know you would like to receive an online proof.

Are online proofs free?
Yes. We do not charge for online proofs.

How many changes can we make to our proof?
You can request changes until you are happy with the design and colors. We do not charge your credit card until your have approved your proof.

How long does it take to receive my online proof?
Click Here to learn more.

How will I know when my online proof is ready?
Click Here to learn more.

Can I get an online proof if I send an email request in?
No. We only provide online proofs for orders. If you would like to place an order you can email us for an online estimate. We will send you the estimate and then you will need to use the estimate to purchase your items online. Once your order is placed then we will work on getting an online proof setup.

My online order is now different then my online proof?
We do not go back and update your online order. We consider this to be your initial starting point so we do not go back and make changes to it. Once you receive an online proof we consider this to be your order now. We use your proof to create your final invoice and charge your credit card.

Can you show us how the specialty colors such as Ultra Metallic, Fluorescents will look together on a proof?
No. Since these are special colors we can only represent them by showing you the standard colors.

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